- Lessons and Life Lessons in Biology


Biology educator, son of a biology educator. Born in Kenya, worked in great schools in Malawi, England, Portugal, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Brazil. I am British, American (USA), and Kenyan. Ex-employee of the Lousiana Department of Environmental Quality. Interested in environmental problems and empowering young people to creatively solve them.

Having a heart for medicine

One of my groups of students were engaged this week in the common laboratory of dissecting a sheeps’ heart in class. One is never sure as a biology professor how students will feel about these sorts of labs, I can…

Mesocosm smashes school record

Every year I challenge my class to research, design and build a self-sustaining mesocosm. A mesocosm is an ecosystem in micro, the abiotic and biotic elements sealed together behind glass. This is the kind of research needed to facilitate a…

Climbing to the top

ROCK CLIMBING TO THE TOP For the last seven years I have been responsible for the maintanence and instruction for rock climbing at an international school somewhere. It has been my pleasure to work with a fabulous team of professionals…