Biology educator, son of a biology educator. Born in Kenya, worked in great schools in Malawi, England, Portugal, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Brazil. I am British, American (USA), and Kenyan. Ex-employee of the Lousiana Department of Environmental Quality. Interested in environmental problems and empowering young people to creatively solve them.

Turtles in El Salvador

I recently had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I spent the Saturday night patrolling the protected zone of San Diego beach with los tortugueros (the turtle-watchers). Between the months of May and October the most abundent…

The Cougar

The cougar, mountain lion, puma or panther. This mighty predator gets a lot of names, and the correct one is actually Puma or Puma concolor including the species name. And according to field biologists this awesome predator roams the entire…