The Cougar

The cougar, mountain lion, puma or panther. This mighty predator gets a lot of names, and the correct one is actually Puma or Puma concolor including the species name. And according to field biologists this awesome predator roams the entire range of the Americas, from the rocky mountains of Canada down to the eerie plains of Patagonia. Wait a minute, does that mean they must pass through El Salvador? Well, yes. In order to inhabit an area the Puma needs a large area devoid of human habitation, and a food source. Are there Puma living in El Salvador? My first guess would have been no, but in two recent ABC expeditions to the El Impossible National Park and to the area of Perquin – I asked professional game scouts and guides the very same question. They replied that a Puma was sighted 6 years ago on Serra Campana in El Impossible park, and a Puma with cubs was spotted three years ago in Perquin. Both sightings occurred to a lone human in the early morning, at around 6am. How many Puma are there in El Salvador? Are they resident here or are they passing through? These are questions I would like to find answers to. Well next time you go to these wild areas of El Salvador find the courage to get up early and go for a walk on your own…if you dare!

cougar, mountain lion