The Amazon Rainforest – The World’s greatest classroom

I took advantage of the Summer break, to spend almost a month in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. I have travelled extensively in Latin-America, but nothing prepared me for the rich intensity of experiences that the Brazilian states of Amazonia and Para would offer me.



Nowhere on Earth comes close to the sheer scale of the Amazon in terms of hydrology, cultural heritage, biodiversity and natural resources. The mind expands, the ego shrinks, the feelings of awe and beauty that accompany any visit into the heartland of this amazing part of Brazil are unmissable. I am hoping to create experiences that off these educational experiences in the Amazon that could be enjoyed by students of the EARJ, alongside students from other schools as well.


What makes the Brazilian Amazon so special?

First there is the sheer scale. No river on Earth discharges quite so much water. The Amazon river forms in Manaus from two major tributaries, the Rio Negro and the Rio Solomoes. The two rivers are as different in appearance as they are in colour, and flow side by side for upwards of miles without mixing. An astounding natural phenomenum in it’s own right.

Then you have the largest living rainforest on the planet. A great wilderness in a world of vanishing wildernesses.  Trees two hundred feet tall. A complex world of habitats and microhabitats, and some of the most colourful wildlife on the planet. The briefest of tours will teach you that here there is much left to be discovered. Including species that are not even discovered.