This week the seniors are tackling their Internal assessments for IB Biology. A unique and individual experiment has been created by each student, designed to follow a line of enquiry.

Unavoidably, set-backs plague the early stages of an investigation. It is the successful navigation of such challenges which often brings the most exciting moments in an IA investigation. In these moments of small triumph, students live the wonder of real science; where every new discovery is prefaced by a period of struggle and uncertainty. I would like to congratulate my current seniors on their hard work so far!

Some sample photos from this weeks investigations are included below.



May. A large group of Lincoln School teachers led by Iris Prada travelled to Veragua Research station in the province of Limon, Costa Rica.

The objective, was to explore the possibilities for creating new educational experiences for high school students.

The rich biodiversity, the park infrastructure, and the presence of highly skilled and dedicated researchers make this a real possibility that in the new future, the school will be working to provide some of these experiences for our students.

Biology field trip anyone??

Image credit Gerardo Abadia aka Mr Science

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