What are living things made of?

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Organic molecules are made from more than one kind of atom, but are based on the element carbon. Most of the chemicals that make up living things are made from organic molecules. 

Q) What makes carbon so suitable for making the molecules of living things?

Many of the biomolecules in the body are very large (macromolecules), and made up of smaller molecules (often called monomers). 

The big molecules are broken down into the small ones in a process called hudrolysis (called this because water is produced)

The small molecules are built up into the big ones in a process called condensation (so called because water causes the bonds holding the big molecule together, to break).

Research task: Make a table in your notebook with five columns – Elements made from (eg. Carbon and what else), Monomers (small molecules that are used to build it), two uses in the body, and one example of that macromolecule (eg. keratin is an example of a protein. Add rows for the following macromolecules: Proteins, Starches, Triglycerides (fats), and Nucleic acids. 

Research using the internet, the properties that will allow you to fill in this table