Advice and support: How do I revise?



1.) PLAN

First task: Make a revision plan (download the appropriate document)

  • download the traffic light document
  •  fill it in with a check on the correct box reflecting your knowledge for each section
  • highlight the ones that you have marked ‘poor’
  • schedule a 45 minute revision session to cover the ones you have marked poor
  • schedule a 30 minute revision session to cover the ones you have marked medium
  • schedule a 15 minute revision session to cover the ones you have marked strong

Use your notes,, kognity, ibbioninja and the course textbook to do revision sessions. Of particular use here are the kognity sub-topic checklists, which are lists of what you should know for each sub-topic. I recommend starting here for each sub-topic revision session.


IB revision SL version

IB revision HL version


Making condensed summaries of whole topics is a great idea for step two, and will allow your brain to store and process all the information you covered in step 1.

Topic Revision Summary checklist document:

Download below

Topic summary revision checklist SL

Topic summary revision checklist HL

It is useful to see ready made revision summaries, although I do recommend making your own. Study guides are basically revision summaries with added questions (step 3).

Download an up-to-date revision guide here

Please do not share use only for personal use.

SL Study guide (google doc link) 

HL material Study guide (google doc link) note HL will need both study guides.

Please note that you can ignore the material from the other options eg. Option A



Practice exam questions, making sure you use a balance of:

  • MC (multiple choice)  – P1 only
  • FR (factual recall) – P 2,3
  • DBQ (data-based questions)-P2,3
  • EA (extended answer) – P2,3

Practice Questions:

  • Kognity strength and checkpoint
  • Study guide questions (look at the end of the study guide topics)
  • See more below (A topical quizes, B IB paper packet)


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