Topic 7.1 DNA structure and replication

7.1 DNA structure and replication

Lesson 1: The discovery of DNA

Task: Prepare two role plays which explain the role played in the discovery of DNA of the following individuals: The plays should be filmed on the ipads, and include a narrators voice. This will generate a formative grade. Each play will portray their lead roles as deserving most of the credit for the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Sources of information must be given at the end.

“Let the controversy begin!”

1) Rosalind Franklin

2) James Watson and Francis Crick


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In order to introduce this topic, watch this fun and informative series of videos by the khan academy

7.1 DNA Replication

this lesson is actually covered in a combined HL SL lesson on 2.6 transcription and translation


there is a section on Hershey and Chases experiment on proving DNA is the hereditary material, that is missing. I am adding it here.

Brief explanation:
Experiment: Hershey Chase
Objective: prove that DNA was the hereditary material
Method: Use special viruses that infect bacteria, called phages / bacteriophages AND isotopes.
1. Prepare 2 groups of phages, one with radioactive DNA, and the other with radioactive time protein
2. Allow them to infect bacteria
3. When the viruses are replicated, see if the new generation of viruses has radioactivity.
Result: they were successful, as when the phages with radioactive DNA where used the next generation of viruses also had radioactive DNA. Whereas the phages with radioactive proteins, did not successfully pass the radioactivity on to the next generation of viruses
Here is a really good link with a video to give you more detail




amino avids

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